Puerto Vallarta Sailing and tours
Los Veranos ecological preserve, the friendly and experienced staff will give you a
detailed safety briefing, taking you step-by-step through your upcoming canopy tour
before securing you in a professional climbing harness.then you will take a walk
through the tropical jungle, where our expert guides will share their knowledge and
individual brand of humor with you as they point out coffee trees, vanilla vines, exotic
orchids and cactus used to make tequila. A short 3-5 minute walk through the jungle
foliage brings us to a spiral staircase that take you safely to the first platform, where
you are tethered while awaiting your turn. This first three cables are "practice runs,"
designed to slowly introduce you to the canopy tour Very few people get a chance to
experience this kind of encounter with nature. As you zip from tree to tree on a total of
14 cables, [the longest cable is 400 meters long!] all of the magical wonders that are
hidden from the ground are uncovered. please contact us for more info
$89 per person.