For Starters:
Good Morning! May we offer you some coffee, orange juice or a Bloody Mary before
we shove off? Our journey through the marina gives us a chance to get you started on
your day. As we exit the port entrance, Lori serves the first meal of the day....

Fresh Fruit Plate: You’ve never tasted fruit as sweet as what we get here! Lori utilizes
an array of the most delicious and freshest fruits, melons and berries available. Served
with yogurt and granola unless requested otherwise.

Homemade (boat baked) Strawberry or Banana Nut Bread: Lori often bakes breakfast
breads for us. Spread on a little cream cheese, sip your coffee and watch the world go

Baked French Toast with Caramel Sauce: Lori got this recipe from a chef of one of the
mega-yachts here. It’s rich but light. Captain Joe’s favorite!

Appetizers & Snacks:
How about something to munch on? Just a little something to go with that margarita?...

Stuffed Mushrooms: Beautiful mushroom caps stuffed with a cream cheese/blue
cheese mixture, onions and fresh herbs. Or, perhaps Pecan stuffed mushrooms topped
with her Jack Daniels cream sauce. Fun, fun finger food.

Parmesan Pesto Dip: Water chestnuts add a wonderful crunchy texture to this fabulous
dip. Served with an overflowing platter of sliced vegetables. My favorite way to get my
daily veggies!

Guacamole: You have to have guac while you’re in Mexico! Lori makes it with a little bit
of flair and just a hint of kick (you can add more kick if you want).

Featured Course:
Lori! That smells so good! Please quit teasing us!....

Shrimp Amaretto: Jumbo prawns sautéed and served with an Amaretto & brandy, citrus
cream sauce. It’s her most popular dish. We’ve had guests rebook the boat just to get
this dish.

Coconut Shrimp or Dorado: Jumbo shrimp or fresh local Dorado (mahi-mahi) fried in a
coconut beer batter. Served with a tangy orange marmalade / mango chutney sauce. A
South Pacific recipe that we love! Ah-loooow-ha!

Quiches: Lori’s quiches feature homemade crusts and a medley of choice ingredients.
Go with the classic of Quiche Lorraine. Or perhaps Chicken & Broccoli or Artichoke &
Spinach. There are many delicious combinations. Real men don’t eat quiche? Captain
Joe calls them Egg Pies!

Ceviche: The local fishermen showed Lori how to do it right, Acapulco Style! Featuring
marinated fresh fish, usually dorado but we often get fresh tuna, wahoo and
roosterfish. for more info please
contact us
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