Yelapa Sailing
Yelapa is one of the small villages that make
up the native community along the southside
of the Banderas Bay. Many people think of
Yelapa as an island because there are no
connecting roads and therefore, if you want to
get there, you either need to take a boat, ride
a horse or just walk and go through the jungle.
The incomparable beauty and charm, as well
as the simple lifestyle (electricity was
connected less than 10 years ago!) has
attracted visitors from all over the world.
There are now about 500 international
residents who have been captivated by the
lifestyle and now call Yelapa their hometown

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Price $85 adults $45 kids
Puerto Vallarta Sailing and tours
Sunset Sailing
Puerto Vallarta is famous for its beautiful
sunsets, and there is nothing more peaceful
and romantic than sailing across Banderas
Bay as the crimson sun dips into the deep
blue waters of the Pacific. Just imagine - the
sun is setting and you're chilling out on deck,
cocktail in hand with the wind pushing you
across the crystal waters of Banderas Bay

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Price $99
Marietas Islands
Head out in the morning enjoying the
beauty and serenity of the waters of the
Banderas Bay, until you enter the Marietas
Islands National Park where our
experienced guides will take you to
snorkeling, watching for rare species of
birds or just sit back with your favorite drink
and take in the stunning beauty of the area.
Relax on one of the secluded beaches and
then catch the afternoon warm breeze as
we all sail back to port. For those who
enjoy snorkeling, you will find an amazing
quantity of tropical fish as well as an
excellent chance to see other marine
creatures such as octopus, spotted rays
and even seahorses and
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Price $95, adults or $45 for kids
Luxury Day Sailing
Snorkel, Swim or Kick Back

The more adventurous of you can take the
opportunity to swim and snorkel in beautiful
Banderas Bay, and if the weather is right, we'll
stop to explore a protected and secluded cove.
For those who crave some downtime though,
this is the perfect day to just lie back on one of
our oversized cushions and bask in the tropical
rays. Sip on an ice-cold drink, relax to the
calming sounds of the ocean and the billowing
sails as we cater to your every need.
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Price $119
TOUR not on Sailboat
Searching for a hidden beach?
Mexico has many to offer. You just have to
know where to look. Thankfully, our team
at Vallarta Adventures is here to help. On our
Marieta Islands Hidden Beach tour, we take
you to one of the most beautiful, ecologically-
diverse island paradises in all of Mexico.
Here, hidden beaches abound. Take a walk
on the iconic Lover's Beach in Puerto Vallarta,
snorkel and explore the waters around the
Marieta Islands, and glimpse humpback
whales from our whale watching boats. To help
protect this beautiful natural area, our team
here at Vallarta
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Price $149