Group Sunset sailing Charter

Puerto Vallarta is famous for its beautiful sunsets, and there is nothing more peaceful
and romantic than sailing across Banderas Bay as the crimson sun dips into the deep
blue waters of the Pacific. Just imagine - the sun is setting and you're chilling out on
deck, cocktail in hand with the wind pushing you across the crystal waters of Banderas

Sunset SailThe Sunset
As you gaze out across the Pacific Ocean, you'll marvel at the changing colors of the
sky and the horizon emblazoned in shades of fiery gold, red and pink. Then, just as the
sun sets, we'll sail along the shoreline near the Malecon, where the delicate mix of hues
painting Puerto Vallarta give you the chance to photograph the Old Town glistening in
dramatic color.

Wine and Cheese Wining & Dining
Our sunset sailing charters are the ideal way to celebrate a birthday, honeymoon,
anniversary, or the perfect ending to another unforgettable day in Puerto Vallarta. We'll
help you unwind with some fine wine, cheeses and an open bar. And as the sunset
dissolves into a starlit night, you can share a romantic kiss or two as you sail across
Banderas Bay aboard of our luxurious french sailboats.

An Evening you Won't Forget
If you love clean air, brisk sailing, sunsets, night skies, and a hint of romance and style,
join us for an evening you'll never forget.
Puerto Vallarta Sailing and tours
Price $99 USD

Open bar with wine
Cheese and Canape snacks

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